During the field investigations within the frames of this Project, presence of 129 species of birds has been confirmed, 68 species of which are new records for the ornithofauna of the National Park Mavrovo. The presence of the species Guldenstadt’s Redstart (Phoenicurus erithrogaster) within the territory of the Park is the first record of this species for the ornithofauna of Macedonia.
Of the total number of species recorded for the territory of the Park, 19 species are included on the list of Annex I of the EU Birds Directive (Directive 2009/147/EC). Two species of birds are included in the SPEC1 Category, while another seven species of birds are included in the SPEC2 Category. Concerning the European Threat Status (ETS) of the populations of bird’s species, 32 species of birds recorded in the Park are included into one of the three categories of threatened species (V, R, and D).


The total number of hitherto recorded species of mammals for the territory of the Park is encircled to 50 species, which is 59.5% of the total number of mammal species recorded on National Level, represented by 84 species. Among them, five species of mammals are ascertained as Balkan endemic species. Besides the marked acceleration in environmental degradation on National Level, the Protected Area National Park Mavrovo is outstanding in the degree to which forest ecosystems have survived, even in a modified state, with the largest remaining populations of large mammals: Brown Bear (Ursus arctos), Balkan Lynx (Lynx lynx martinoi), Wolf (Canis lupus) and Balkan Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra balcanica).

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