Ski Resort “Zare Lazarevski” – Mavrovo

Mavrovo is famous for one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Macedonia, the ski resort “Zare Lazarevski” which is located on the slopes of Bistra mountain. The magnificent Mavrovo Lake surrounded with high and beautiful mountains offers excellent opportunities for the tourists who will decide to spend their winter holiday there. Things that the ski resort possesses, as well as the services that you will receive here, are as follows:

– Eleven ski lifts and three cable cars with a total length of 5,700m and capacity of 11,100 passengers per hour.

– Skiing possibility at an altitude from 1,255 to 1,860 meters above sea level.

– Professional preparation of the ski slopes by means of 6 ratracks.

– Ski slope length below the cable cars of 5,000m and ski lift length of 10,000m.

– Ski slopes provided with light and loudspeaker system – night skiing from 19:00h to 00:00h.

– Coffee bars along the ski slopes on Bistra mountain.

– Ski patrol, ambulance snowmobile and other snowmobiles, machine for making artificial snow.

– Average snow cover – 70cm.

– The ski season can start in November and finish as late as April.

– Ski school where first-class ski instructors are employed.


Alpine Skiing:

– Ski routes for alpine skiing

– Beginners’ slopes

– Advanced skiers’ slopes

– Alpine skiing competitors’ slopes

Other Types of Skiing:

The ski resort offers excellent conditions for the fans of snowboarding and many conditions for skiing in different ways, such as the cross-country slope “Mirna Dolina” which is 7.5Km long, or using the 30Km long slope on which the Mavrovo Commemorative Tournament is held (freestyle). The ski resort also organizes international competitions in slalom and giant slalom, snowboarding, etc.

Freeride skiing

On the park’s territory, especially in the mountains Bistra, Korab and Krchin, there are ideal conditions for freeride skiing which is currently a worldwide hit. Mavrovo National Park is working on providing ideal conditions for tourists who will be using these slopes in the future, while promoting them at the same time at many important expos (they were presented on the international tourism expos in Berlin, Istanbul and Tel Aviv at the beginning of 2011). Currently, in cooperation with the Macedonian Association of Professional Mountain Guides, there is a preparation going on of a team consisting of 10 local professional guides who will be available to tourists requesting such services.


Renting ski equipment can be done in the nearby parking lot and inside the ski resort.

Price including skis (or a board), bindings and poles – ONLY 200.00 denars per day.

Ski Seasons:

Season start – 15 November

Season peak from 25 December to 31 January

Season from 1 February to 1 April depending on the snow cover.

Ski Prices:

You can download the pricelist of the ski resort “Zare Lazarevski” from the downloads section or on the following link:


You can spend the nights in the amazing Mavrovo at the several clubs and restaurants near the ski resort, as well as in the surrounding of Mavrovo Lake.

The most famous places where you will have a great time are:

– Disco club “Ratrak”, restaurant “Glamur”, restaurant “Kristijan”, night club “Jeti”, coffee restaurant “Alpina”, restaurant “Chezarina”, café “Kabala”, and many others.


Main events that are organized:

– Mavrovo Commemorative Tournament;

– Snow City;

– European Snowboarding Cup;

– National and international competitions in slalom and giant slalom.


Contact information:

Ski resort “Zare Lazarevski”

Phone: + 389 (0) 42 489 065

Fax: + 389 (0) 42 489 066


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