The National Park Mavrovo is situated on the North-western part of Republic of Macedonia, at the tripoint of Albania, Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia, occupying geographic latitudes from 410 33’01’’N to 410 52’39’’ N, and geographic longitudes from 200 31’02’’E to 200 48’59’’E, between the cities of Gostivar, Debar and Kichevo.  The eastern boundary of the National Park Mavrovo on its Northern part extends along the ridge of the Shar Planina Mountain Western slopes, thence   continues along the main ridge of the Bistra Mountain. The Southern boundary is an east-west line following the course of Mala Reka River downward to its inflow into the Radika River, thence across the Boshkov Most Bridge goes westward along the Krchin Mountain ridge up to the State border with Albania. The Western boundary of the Park overlaps with the State border with Albania and runs to the North along the ridges of Krchin, Deshat and Korab Mountains. The Northern boundary follows the watershed line of the Radika River on the slopes of the Shar Planina Mountain.  The Mavrovo Protected Area occupies an area of 72,204.1 ha, notwithstanding the fact that former calculations for the area were 73,088 ha.  The elevation of the Park ranges from minimum 600 m to the highest mountain peak that reaches 2,764 m. Administratively, the territory of the Park belongs to the Municipality of Mavrovo-Rostushe and only small portion to the Municipality of Gostivar.

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