Children’s Activities

Educational Children’s Trail – Bunec

mavrovska_avanturaThe children’s trail is an initiative of Mavrovo National Park for enriching the tourist offer with educational contents. The idea is to provide additional activities for the youngest visitors to the park for whom currently there are few interesting and suitable activities. In this way, Mavrovo National Park made an effort to organize children’s free time while their parents are relaxing, skiing, cycling or enjoying the walks in the National Park. The trail is also ideal for organizing school trips and classes in the nature. It is equipped with informative and educational boards containing information on the flora and fauna of Mavrovo. Here, the children will have an opportunity to solve puzzles and to learn more in specially planned games. Apart from the educational boards in three sizes, the trail is enriched with additional elements such as “a hotel for insects”, a xylophone, and a section for bird watching. Since the trail is part of the safari park Bunec, adult visitors can also enjoy the beauties of this wonderful place, where the park can organize walks and watching the Balkan deer, bird watching, etc.

For visiting the trail, call the Tourist Information Center in Mavrovi Anovi on tel. 042/489-425 and 042/489-019 to schedule a term for a visit.



SPRING/ SUMMER SEASON (june – october)

Forest Experience Tours

  1. EXCITING FOREST EXPERIENCE (Galicnik – St. Petka – Galicnik)

For those who love the outdoors we offer the perfect ride. Departing from Galicnik village, our guide

will lead you trough the deep forest with break at the river springs and visit of the smallest church on the Balkan – “St. Petka”, where you can enjoy a light snack. During the ride you will see the mountain peaks of Krcin, Stogovo, panoramic view of village Galicnik, canyon of river Radika and many forest springs with pure crystal mountain waters.

Approximately 3 hours of riding

Departure time: 10:00am

Snack break: 12:00am

Arrival time: 14:00pm

  1. ADRENALIN FOREST EXPERIENCE (Galicnik – Selce – Tresonce – Tresonce caves)

This is an exclusive forest package for those who want a quick getaway. On this trek you will ride through the forest of Sushica and downhill riding to the village of Selce and Tresonce, with panoramic views of the north side of mountain Stogovo. On the way to the caves you are passing through the village Tresonce experiencing the folklore and the old village architecture, crossing of the river and arrival to the caves for a break.

Approximately 6 hours of riding

Departure: 9.30am

Lunch break: 12:30am

Arrival: 18:00pm

   3. Mountain cheese tasting experience tours

These tours are for those who want to enjoy in the treasures of the mountain. Riding uphill along the valleys of the mountain Bistra, you will enjoy in the huge open views on many mountain peaks. On these ride you need to take a little more care to pack the appropriate clothing, as well sun & wind protective gear. On this trip you will get closer to the Sheppard’s life, visiting few sheep farms and tasting traditional white cheese and yogurt. For the adrenalin explorers we suggest the adrenalin mountain cheese tasting experience tour which is taking you around the highest peak Medenica (2,163 m.) of the mountain, with incredible view of Korab massive(2,764 meters). This is a soul rewarding tour and with a breathtaking scenery.

-EASY MOUNTAIN CHEESE TASTING EXPERIENCE ( Galicnik – Smrdlivi Virovi – Caushica – Galicnik)

Approximately 4 hours

Departure: 09:30am

Cheese tasting: 12:00am

Arrival: 16:00pm

-EXCITING MOUNTAIN CHEESE TASTING EXPERIENCE (Galicnik – Saltanica – Caushica – Smrdlivi Virovi – Galicnik )

Approximately 6 hours

   4. ADRENALIN MOUNTAIN CHEESE TASTING EXPERIENCE ( Galicnik – Govedarnik –Tropeshkarupa – Caushica – Galicnik – circle around the peak Medenica)

Approximately 8 hours

Departure: 09:30am


*No matter which tour offers you choose, after the riding experience we offer you lamb prepared from local people on traditional way in the local restaurant in Galicnik.

Whether you’re able to join us for a hour or for a day, we have trail rides to suit your needs. On this tours we’ll ride our Balkan mountain horses: friendly village horses, small in size, but hardy and surefooted in the steep terrain. We can accommodate any rider level, from beginner to advanced. Riding instructions are given and feel free to ask your guide any questions. These holidays are great fun to enjoy with a groups of friends or family, but are also perfect to meet open minded people who could end up as lifelong friends.

 Equipment check list:

  • Comfortable walking shoes;
  • Warm clothes for mountain weather conditions;
  • Sun cream;


Recreational Fishing

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