Within the Mountain Leaders Training Program, implemented for the project “NP Mavrovo for Youth – Education, Partnership, Future, financed by Park Dinarides and implemented by the Macedonian Association for International Mountain Leaders, a two-day seminar was held that included field and theoretical training. This training was realized on the territory of NP Mavrovo on 16 and 17.02.2019 and the following contents were covered:

  1. Navigation in winter conditions
  2. Making a bivouac in winter conditions
  3. Movement by snow-covered slope
  4. Snow analysis and avalanche assessment
  5. Avalanche rescue (search with probes, detectors and first aid)
  6. Specifics of saving activities in winter conditions

The training is already at an advanced stage and the candidates successfully master the projected material. After the completion of the training, the Mavrovo National Park will promote the new group of mountain leaders as partners who will jointly contribute for the development and promotion of tourism on the territory of the park.

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