In the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo”, recently there has been published an article titled “Mavrovo Kisses the Sky” by the author Havier Mazora. The text is illustrated with two photographs i.e. with the photograph of the church St. Nikola-located in the waters of the Lake of Mavrovo and a photograph of the Monastery St. Jovan Bigorski.


In the article, the author of the text presents to the readers  the beauties of our country, its history, geography, cultural and spiritual values, the ski-center Mavrovo as well as how to visit Macedonia in a fast and simple manner and for convenient price.

“At the moment when our heart started to beat fast, in front of us appeared the airport Alexander the Great. From objective perspective, the whole terrain of Macedonia does not only consist of mountains. Here is also the region of Vardar where is made the excellent wine “Tikves”. Tikves is a region that is only a part of the territory large 25 000 m2 which is as big as the province of De Badajos. The geologists identified not less than 26 mountain ranges and about 80 peaks in Macedonia. This appears to be an enormous number for such a small territory. There are mountains that are more than 2000m tall, whereas the highest peaks are concentrated in the western part of the country, forming a physical line which also represents a spiritual connection between Skopje and Ohrid. Mavrovo is at this line. It covers a whole region in the west that besides being a water region is also a ski-center. Here is situated the most important park, the National Park “Mavrovo”. In addition, the Republic of Macedonia is a small country with twenty years of independence (the country claimed independence by separating from Yugoslavia within the frameworks of which it had been since 1913).”


In the text, further, it reads: “In the National Park Mavrovo, situated on the border with Albania, from where starts the peak Great Korab, the peak reaching height of almost 3000 meters, it is visible that figuratively speaking Mavrovo kisses the sky of Macedonia. The beauty here is not only because of the tall peaks but also because of the fact that in some way this is a culmination of a territory full of monasteries, churches and mosques. What is important is the fact that the Turkish and Albanian minority add to the diversity if this cultural heritage of Macedonia. Many of the churches are located in the capital of Macedonia, and also in the so called orthodox Jerusalem – the city of Ohrid, and the core is  the Monastery ST.Jovan Bigorski, situated along the valley of the river Radika, in the heart of the National Park Mavrovo”…

In the large text about Macedonia, in the part titled as “Among the Mountains” the author shall write down that there are other monasteries in the region of Mavrovo, including one female monastery next to the Debar Lake, but none of the monasteries can be compared to the one of St.Jovan Bigorski.





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