Day First Saturday

9:00 Decorating the flag and firing the rifle
The top of the flag is decorated with flowers. Then the bridegroom hangs it on the right-hand side of his house and a riffle is fired.
19:30 Welcoming the musicians
The musicians begin playing: they start from outside hotel “Neda” and walk slowly to the bridegroom’s house. The bridegroom, his brother and his friends go to welcome the musicians. The welcoming is at the bridge.
20:00 Bridegroom’s mother dance
The dance is performed at the “Upija” and it’s led by the bridegroom’s mother. She carries a sieve on her head and a goblet in her hand.
20:15 “The Teshkoto” and “The Nevestinskoto” folk dances
The dance is symbol of the nation’s pride and constant struggle for freedom.
20:30 Taking the bride to the three fountains
An entourage of svatovi (in-laws) with torches goes from the bridegroom’s house to the house of the bride. Then, together with the bride they go to the three fountains.

Day second, Sunday

08:00 Inviting the dead relatives
A group of the closest relatives and the bridegroom visit the graves of dead family members. The bridegroom invites them to his wedding.
09:15 Inviting the kum (literally: “godfather”, though the closest equivalent in English is the “best man”)
After returning from the cemetery, the bridegroom, his friends and his closest relatives invite the best man to the wedding.
09:30 Shaving the bridegroom
In front of the “Upija” fountain, one of the friends shaves the bridegroom, during which the closest relatives are rueful because the shaving is a symbol of the separation of the boy from his mother and father.
10:00 Going for the bride
10:30 Arrival of the marriage brokers
10:45 The bride welcoming the marriage brokers
In front of the house the bridegroom’s closest relatives sit at a table. The bridegroom’s mother gives presents to the bride and then the bride kisses her hand. After that she is dressed up and ready to go.
11:00 Sending the bride with the in-laws
The bridegroom’s friend informs the in-laws that the bride is ready and they all prepare to go. The bride mounts a horse. The procession is led by the flag bearer.
11:20 Welcoming the bride
11:30 Marriage ceremony
12:00 Marriage banquet
After the wedding ceremony at the “Upija” there is a wedding banquet. The best man resides at the head of the table and the bridegroom calls for a toast.
12:30 Taking the bride to “Upija” and then she leads the brides dance
The bridegroom’s father and the best man lead the entourage. The bride is taken to the fountain to fill the water jugs. After that the bride leads the bride’s dance.
12:45 Farewell to the musicians
After finishing the wedding customs, the closest relatives say goodbye to the musicians.

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