In order to become more familiar with the activities of the National Park Mavrovo, and to also enable greater inclusion of all the stakeholders, it was on 21 December 2012 that in the hotel “Srna” in Mavrovo a workshop took place, the workshop being focused on the activities projected with the Draft Management Plan of the National Park Mavrovo within the frameworks of the project titled as: “Protection of Environment, Economic Development and Promotion of Sustainable Eco-tourism in the National Park Mavrovo”.

This meeting was attended by the Director of the National Park Mavrovo Mr.Oner Jakuposki, the Mayor of the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostuse Mr. Mukrem Mehmedi, representative of OXFAM Italy, representative of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, representatives of the hotel enterprises which operate at the territory of NP Mavrovo, representatives of the local communities as well as guests from the National Park Pelister.

After the registration of participants, the attendees were addressed by Professor Svetozar Petkovski, who prepared the Draft Management Plan of the National Park Mavrovo. He presented the activities projected with this Draft – Management Plan. After his address, followed a discussion about those activities, and afterwards it was proceeded towards looking at the programmes and subprogrammes covered with the plan. The Programme Coordinators presented the new programmes that had been adopted and approved at the previous meeting; a few programmes were suggested, part of them were adopted and approved, whereas the other part of them shall be subjected to further consultations.

At the end, the Director of NP Mavrovo expressed his satisfaction with the work done so far and thanked to all the participants, at the same time pointing out that hard-work regarding the full realization of these programmes is yet to follow. The attendees at this workshop also expressed their gratitude and satisfaction and concluded that this plan will significantly contribute for increasing the quality of life at the territory of NP Mavrovo.






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