After the presentation of the mountain and cycle tracks given in the Info Center of Mavrovo, it was in 15 November 2011 that in the Hall of the Council of Municipality Mavrovo and Rostusha a presentation was made for the inhabitants of the area of Dolna Reka. This event was attended by the Director of NP Mavrovo Mr. Oner Jakuposki, by the Mayor of the Municipality Mr. Mukrem Mehmedi, by the representatives of OXFAM Italy, by the presidents of several local communities as well as by the candidates for mountain guides. The marking of the mountain and cycle tracks was done within the frameworks of the project titled as “Preservation of environment, economic development and promotion of sustainable eco-tourism” financed by the Government of the Republic of Italy and in partnership with OXFAM Italy, the National Park Mavrovo and the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha. Similar to the previous presentation, after the opening remarks, the audience was addressed by Mr.Konstantin Ciriviri, who said that there were 510 km of mountain and cycle tracks marked, the marking being made in accordance with the highest standards, and the marked tracks being with various level of difficulty which is expected to attract tourists of different age. He pointed out that marked were the same tracks that had been used by the local population for centuries, the marking being done for the purpose of them being put to use for the development of the rural tourism. After the presentation, a discussion followed, during which all the attendees greeted this activity and also made suggestions for new tracks that should be taken into consideration for being marked in future. This occasion was also being used for promoting the new maps that will help tourists to better orient themselves while moving through these tracks.




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