From biogeographical point of view, the high-mountain belt of the National Park Mavrovo is inhabited by a complex of floristic and faunistic elements of Oreo-Tundral (Arcto-Mountain or Arcto-Alpine) biogeographic origin. The Oreo-Tundral Complex is represented by animal and plant species whose distribution range is restricted to the arctic and sub-arctic region and the high-mountain belt (over the forest belt) of the higher mountains, throughout Central and partly Southern Europe. The Sub-complex of Palaeo-Oreal (Palaeo-Mountain) or Relict – Mountain floristic and faunistic elements, within which are included and the glacial endemic species, is also quite well represented in the high-mountain belt of the National Park Mavrovo.
Notwithstanding the fact that on the territory of the Protected Area National Park Mavrovo, coniferous forests of taiga type (spruce and fir forests) accompanied with birch and aspen trees covers relatively small areas, the Boreal (Siberian) complex of floral and faunal elements is represented by highest level of species richness and population density compared to all other high mountains in the Republic of Macedonia.
The Complex of species of Broadleaved Arboreal origin is mostly represented by the Sub-complex of Ponto-Mediterranean (Eastern-Mediterranean) floristic and faunistic elements, which are dominating on National Level, as well as on the territory of the National Park Mavrovo. Within the Park, these species are present mainly on lower altitudes, represented by more sensitive species, while certain Mediterranean species penetrate up to elevations of 1,700 m asl, where only small number of species with wider ecological valence and distribution range are present.
The Complex of Eremial Floral and Faunal Elements are mainly consisted of the Sub-Complex of Species whose origin is from the Ponto Caspian Steppes. The distribution of these steppic faunal and floral elements is related with the grassland ecosystems and goes from the lowland grassland areas up to the high-mountain dry grassland ecosystems.
From aspect of aquatic zoogeography, the watershed of the Radika River belongs to the South Adriatic-Ionian Zoogeographic Region, which includes watersheds of the rivers in the South-western part of the Balkan Peninsula, from Montenegro in the North, to Peloponnesus to the South.
The origin of the fauna of Temporary waters is identical with the terrestrial fauna. In the aquatic biotopes on lower altitudes dominating is the Complex of Mediterranean Faunal Elements, while in the numerous temporary/semi temporary pools and ponds, including the glacial lakes on the higher altitudes, the fauna is of various zoogeographic origin, including: Siberian, Steppic, Caucasian, Arcto-Mountain and Palaeo Mountain.

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