[:en]In the period from 8th to 10th March 2013 there were carried out the final examinations for obtaining a certificate for “Mountain Guide”, the examination intended for the candidates from the Mavrovo Region who were trained for the needs of the National Park Mavrovo.

This training was carried out within the frameworks of the project for revalorization of the Park values and boosting of mountain tourism, financed by the foundations OXFAM Italy and GVC. The process started in year 2010.


The selected trainees were candidates with official residence in the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha, and the aim of this training was enhancing the local capacities for the purpose of developing mountain tourism and giving concrete contribution to the local development of this rural region.


The training as well as the operation of these Mountain Guides has been supported by the Management of the National Park Mavrovo which provided logistic assistance, concluded contracts with the Guides for their work engagement and it is soon expected that it fully equips the Guides with equipment necessary for their successful operation.


The training in the Mavrovo Region sets a good example for all the other regions which have potential for developing mountain tourism, this example showing that when having appropriate cooperation between the local inhabitants on one part and the institutions on the other, results can be achieved which are for the benefit of the whole community.


We expect that by licensing these eight Mountain Guides we shall consequently enhance the capacity for developing mountain tourism in the region, achieve the expected results thus increasing the number of tourists who visit the Park under the guidance of the Mountain Guides, which is something that is in accordance with the international professional standards and that shall further have significance influence on the quality of the provided tourist service.


The Mountain Guides shall be awarded with their licenses at an official ceremony that shall be organized in t he Info Center of National Park Mavrovo, during the following week.

Konstantin Ciriviri
President of MAIML


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