In accordance with its Annual Programme that projects organization of several ecological actions, on 21st and 22nd March 2012, the National Park Mavrovo organized and carried out action for cleaning the regional road and the surrounding area of the River Radika, from the village of Trnica to the village of Skudrinje. The action that was carried out during the second day was also a part of the campaign “All of Us in Action for Green Macedonia – 2012” organized on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning and the Agency for Youth and Sport, in compliance with the Programme of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia for clean environment.

The campaign officially started on “The World Day of the Waters”, it shall be realized in a few cycles, and shall include participants such as many state institutions, sports federations and non-government organization.

For the successful realization of this action during which there were more than 2000 bags of litter collected, besides the employees in PE Mavrovo also participated the employees in the local self-government, student from the local high school and some of the local inhabitants.

Events of this kind, organized on behalf of the Park in close cooperation with the rest of the local institutions and the inhabitants of the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostushe shall be organized during the months of April and May.


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