Within the frameworks of the study field trip through the parks that are in the Dinar’s Mountain Ridge, this area including the parks from Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia and Serbia, the study field trip realized under the WWF Mediterranean Programme with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and the Mava Foundation, as second destination the study field trip delegation visited the National Park “Mavrovo.”

After attending the presentation on the National Park “Mavrovo” that took place in the Hotel Bistra, the following destination was the Cave “Sharkova Dupka” where the visitors had the unique opportunity to see this Cave’s beauty, its features and its potential as actual tourist location arranged for the purpose of attracting tourists to visit the Park. On our way to the village of Galichnik we visited the equestrian club “Galichnik” which offers its services to tourists. Within the frameworks of this visit the club owner made the visitors familiar with the way this Club operates, its tourist offer and the price of this offer, also referring to the experience that the horse riding offers in the direction of experiencing the National Park “Mavrovo” from a different perspective.

During the visit of the village of Galichnik the visitors got familiar with the typical architecture, the tradition, the world-renowned wedding called “Galichka svadba”, the museum exhibition, and the whole visit was rounded up by the visitors tasting the famous white cottage cheese of Galichnik.

The Info Point of the National Park “Mavrovo” was the next destination where the visitors had a close insight into the way this Park operates, got familiar with its responsibilities and the number of tourists who visit it on regular basis.

By visiting the beautiful Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski and the village Janche where the lunch took place, this visit of the National Park “Mavrovo” came to its end and the study field trip delegation continued its visit to Galichica and Pelister.

Unfortunately, due to the bad weather some of the activities had to be cancelled. However the bad weather did not manage to ruin the visitors’ mood. With many things to remember from this visit, they continued to the south of Macedonia.













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