[:en]This spring, within the frameworks of the project for protection of the mountain lynx, Macedoninan Ecological Association and the National Park Mavrovo started with the implementation of the third intensive session of photo-entrapments in the Park. The session started at 9th March and it shall be with an overall duration of 60 days. After this two-month period of time, the Park shall enrich itself with a gallery of extraordinary photos of the rich fauna of its own. Also, there shall be given a broader and clearer image about the number of lynxes that live in and in the nearby syrrounding of the Park, their density and the trend seen compared to the data from years 2008 and 2010.


The National Park Mavrovo is one of the most significant areas for the existence and survival of this endangered species. Also, this Park is the only region where it is confirmed that there exists lynx reproduction.


Up to present session of photo-entrapments, there have been 22 photos of lynx taken at seven various locations in the Park.


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