[:en]The cooperation between the National Park Mavrovo and the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha continues in many areas. Therefore, on 26th and 27th November year 2011, these two institutions jointly presented themselves at ZELS EXPO 2011. The Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusha and the National Park Mavrovo used this opportunity to present all the projects successfully realized on their behalf, the on-going ones as well as those that are planned to be realized in future. It could be said that our stand was one of the most visited ones where the visitors had the opportunity to see part of the promotional tourist materials, and to also get familiar with the potential for both developing alternative tourism and protecting the environment as well as with the infrastructure in the Municipality. This Fair was a place where contacts were made with representatives of the other municipalities and organizations, with some of which there were arrangements for further cooperation made.






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