[:en]Under the motto “Discover the mountain riches of the National Park Mavrovo – Enjoy your travel” beginning from this weekend up to the end of the summer season there shall be realized a campaign for promoting mountain tourism in the National Park “Mavrovo.”

The main goal of this campaign is to promote all the recently marked mountain tracks, marked by the National Park “Mavrovo” and the Macedonian Association of Professional Mountain Guides over the last 3 years.

The mountain tours shall take place every weekend, and the interested parties are invited to make their appointment reservation on Mondays. These tours shall be promoted on the web site and the Facebook fun page of the NP Mavrovo https://www.facebook.com/mavrovo

Reservations / Check ins can be made through the Facebook fun page (https://www.facebook.com/mavrovo), at the official e-mail of the Info-point (infopoint@npmavrovo.org.mk ) or by calling the following phone numbers: ++ 389 42 489 425, : ++ 389 78 495 591, : ++ 389 78 495 592.

The tours shall be organized and guided by professional mountain guides who are local inhabitants and are exceptionally familiar with the terrain and with all the remarkable cultural and historic information about the region.

The tours are free of charge. It is on you to decide when and where you want to mount-hike, to take with you mountain hike equipment and enough food and water, as well as to take care about the transport to the starting points in the region of Mavrovo and Reka.

Looking forward to your coming!

We start with promoting the track:

MK 1 Info – Point – Peak Koza – Vrben

On: 30.06.2013, Sunday

Start: In front of the info-point at Mavrovi Anovi at 10.00 a.m.

It is obligatory that you take mountain-hiking equipment, food and water with you!!!

All those who are to arrive from Skopje and fo not have any information about the transport to Mavrovi Anovi, feel free to contact us on the above given phone numbers and e-mail contact address.

Important information:

This is a beautiful recreational track with wonderful landscapes over the Valley of Mavrovo and the Region of Gorna Reka. This track can be combined with the track (the road) to the village of Vrben. The track feels pleasant when walking, and primarily consists of earth and grass. It is a marked track. Along the track there are several springs of water, but due to their inconsistency it is advisable to tank in water in Mavrovi Anovi. From the Peak Koza the track leads to above the village Vrbem, making a circle around the mountain, and going back to Mavrovi Anovi.There is an option from the peak to continue to the historical locality of the Monastery of St. Petka or to the safari park in the location of Bunec. Along the track there are several benches for rest, but there are no accommodation facilities.






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