In the premises of the Information Tourist Center that operates within the frameworks of the National Park Mavrovo, there was a promotion of the arranged mountain and cycle tracks existing in this National Park.  This activity has been performed as a part of the project titled as “Environment preservation, economic growth and promotion of sustainable eco-tourism in the National Park Mavrovo”. The project is jointly financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Park Mavrovo, OXFAM Italy and the Municipality of Mavrovo and Rostusa.
This promotion was attended by the Manager of NP Mavrovo, Mr. Oner Jakuposki and representatives of the Municipality, OXFAM, the hotels, representatives of the tourist agencies and the media. This event was also attended by the candidates for the position of mountain guides, who were previously actively involved in arranging the mountain and cycle tracks in the National Park.
After the opening remark, the audience was addressed by Mr. Konstantin Ciriviri. At first, he expressed his gratitude for the given trust and then also expressed his pleasure from the existing cooperation between the National Park and OXFAM. Further, he pointed out that what was done up to that moment was arranging only a part of the projected mountain and cycle tracks, at the same time emphasizing that the rest of these tracks were to be arranged in future. Namely, he notified that there were 510 km of mountain and cycle tracks arranged. By doing so, there was a network of tracks created which actually represented a tourist product that was expected to further increase the offer to tourists, attract greater number of them and contribute to having more intense development of tourism , the benefit of which would have all the entities existing in this area.  In his further address he stressed out the technical features of these tracks, the time duration of their arrangement and their tourist value. This promotion was also used for presentation of the three types of maps, being the following ones: the foot maps, the cycle maps as well as the one joint map of foot and cycle tracks.
What is soon expected to appear as a product is a Track Guide that will cover all the features of the tracks, and will enable tourists to easily manage the terrain.


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